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Pumpkin Calligraphy

The weather has cooled, and I can’t believe October is over half done with. Since our wedding, time has just flown by; it has already been 73 days since our wedding day! I must say, I have been enjoying my time with a break from wedding planning take up all my thoughts, day and night. So I was genuinely excited to do a pumpkin this year, and put a little more effort into mine that in years’ past.  And with my new-found skill of calligraphy, I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my not-so-traditional pumpkin! So here is my take at Pumpkin Calligraphy!

Painted White Pumpkin with Calligraphy Monogram

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Our Puppy!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than kamagra store he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings

Newton at 14 weeks

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Letterpress Printing Our Wedding Invitations – Part II

Today marks our one month anniversary! It has been such a busy summer, and am so glad to be settling down with married life, although we did get a puppy last Monday that is taking up a lot of our time now!

So, now that I am not rushing to make items for our wedding day, I am finally going to revisit making our letterpress wedding invitations, as it was such a process, but one I am so glad I invested in because I loved how they turned out! I left off with going through the process right after I went to the press check, and you can read that part here.

I picked up all the invitations, response cards, information cards, envelopes, and envelope liners the next day. They turned out exactly how I imagined, and was so excited to start the process of assembling them, but wanted to add some extra touches to them before they could go out. First of all, I had a vision of the edges being painted a pink to go with the theme of our wedding, so with a pink stamp pad in hand, I started carefully inking each side of the cards, trying to do them in stacks when possible.

Wedding Invitations Stacked with Pink Ink

It was definitely more work than I had envisioned, but after seeing how the stacks were turning out, I knew I needed to do them all!

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Wedding Photos

We have received our wedding photos back from our photographer, who did an AMAZING job and we couldn’t be happier with them!  Laura Murray did a post on her blog with a few of the photos from our wedding, which I wanted to share, and I will definitely be posting more once we get settled back into our home as MR. & MRS. CARNEY!!!

Laura Murray Photography Bob and Kristie Wedding

We’re Married!

Just wanted to do a quick post (before we head out on our official honeymoon) to say “WE’RE MARRIED!!!”

Bob and Kristie Married

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding day…everything went so perfectly, from the weather, the flowers, the venue, everything!  I *think* everyone had a great deal of fun, I know Bob and I did!  And a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this day, of 18 months in the planning, so perfect for me and Bob. Love you all!