August 10, 2013


How We Met

In the summer of 2004, before my second year at the University of Colorado and before the start of Bob’s freshman year at Colorado School of Mines, we were both hired to work as lifeguards for the City of Golden. To me, he was “too cool” with his beach-blonde curly locks, which made me think he was much older and probably not looking for a girlfriend. To Bob, I was a friend and co-worker’s little sister, which made him assume I was much younger than him. That didn’t stop either of us from flirting – him chasing me with a toy alligator that squirted water after teaching swim lessons, me overly enthusiastic over being assigned cleaning duty with him. As the summer went on, I couldn’t help it; he was all I could think about. All good things come to an end, as did that summer, but weeks after, when a friend from lifeguarding suggested having her first annual Pirate Party, I knew there could be one last chance for me to see him. Somehow I found the courage to call him, and personally invited him.

Being among the first to arrive that night, I was anxiously awaiting the entrance of Bob, hoping he’d make an appearance. I tried to busy myself by helping to set up, putting on my makeshift pirate outfit, and socializing with all my friends from the summer, but couldn’t stop anxiously hoping that Bob would show up.

Finally, after a few laughs and drinks, I saw out of the corner of my eye that Bob had arrived, Fraternity brothers in tow. The night and dance floor brought us closer, but after making me wait for so long, I was ready to make him wait around for a while too. I refused to let him kiss me that night. Not yet. As the party ended, I could feel that there was something special. There was something about this boy, and I knew we’d see each other again.

He must have felt the same, as I received a phone call from him the following week. He invited me on our first causal date, joining him and his buddies in the viewing of Team America. Being amongst his friends and in the presence of an unromantic movie didn’t stop Bob from reaching for my hand. We continued to see each other between Golden and Boulder parties, a haunted house, and even while saving my little sister from a babysitting nightmare one night.

The third week in October, Bob asked if he could come drive up to take me to dinner. I can still picture the exact table we were seated at by the window in Pasta Jay’s, how delicious my creamy pasta tasted when sitting across from this handsome boy, and how the snow began to fall as we walked back to the car. It was a moment I could never forget, the moment I started calling Bob my boyfriend.

Long Distance

Our relationship was tested in the fall of 2006 when Bob decided to study abroad for the semester in Budapest, Hungary. Email and chat were our main form of communication, with occasional phone calls in between classes. We were thrilled when the opportunity to visit him over Thanksgiving arose. The flight was long and I was excited to see Bob, as the weeks of being apart had been a challenge. We toured the city, viewing his favorite structures, bars and parks. We took a train to the tucked away Valley of Beautiful Women to do wine tastings, and to the small town of Eger famous for its hot spring bathhouses. As expected, the week flew by but my heart was put at ease. There could be a mile between us or even an ocean, but our love would stay simple and pure.

The Proposal

Instead of partaking in our planned family ice skating trip to Evergreen Lake on Christmas Eve in 2011, Bob insisted that I spend the day with just him. After a casual brunch, downtown stroll and early afternoon nap, he took me to an early dinner at Zengo, equally romantic and delicious, before we drove to the Denver Botanic Gardens. This in itself was a nice surprise as it’s been on my wish list to see the gleaming lights and holiday décor.

Looking back on dinner, I could tell he was nervous. His mannerisms were a bit off that day and it wasn’t until post engagement that I understood why. No matter how apprehensive he was, the night was already perfect. We finished our meal, cozied up in our winter gear and headed for the Gardens. While it was a bit more packed and chaotic than we had hoped, it was still painted with elegance and charm. I was captured in this Christmas moment with my wonderful man and best friend.

With my camera in hand, I was lost in the scene and oblivious to any future events that were bound to take place. Then suddenly he led me to a side path where we behind the stunning gazebo. My wondering gaze towards Bob was put to rest when he pulled out a divine box, wrapped, complete with a velvet ribbon, miniature pinecones and a shiny red ornament. My hands immediately met my gaping mouth and tears began streaming down my face.

He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. He met me with intimate hugs and kisses of celebration. My smile met both ears as I was admiring the ring, putting it on my finger for the first time. As we made our way towards the exit, I was beside myself. I couldn’t stop looking at Bob, my fiancé, thinking how blessed I am to be his WIFE one day!

Our engagement wouldn’t be complete without a memorable gift to remind us of this time. We stopped off in the gift shop to pick out a polished maple leaf ornament for our tree. The ornament was dipped in gold and decorated with the year “2011.” The only other way to commemorate this occasion was to see our families!

Ending that evening with the ones I love most was the only Christmas present I could have asked for. I’m excited to begin a new chapter with those same people. Life is a journey and I’m honored to be accompanied with the family, friends and fiancé that I have.

How We Met
Test of Our Love
The Proposal


Rebecca Maid of Honor




Wedding Day Details

Our wedding ceremony and reception will be held at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort in Nathrop, Colorado. It is tucked into the valley at the base of the Collegiate Peaks range and nestled besides Chalk Creek. We picked this destination to share the culmination of our love with you, as it has been a special getaway location for us throughout our relationship. We hope you enjoy all it has to offer with hot springs, pools, spa, scenery, and endless activities to do!

Friday Night

We encourage you to come stay all weekend with us in the mountains. On Friday evening the Carneys are hosting a welcome BBQ for all of our guests. It will be a casual gathering with food, drinks, games, and great company. If you do plan on attending, please use the contact form to RSVP to Deb and Bob Carney.

Saturday Night

Our big day! The morning is yours to enjoy any activities you choose, including any suggestions outside of the resort. The wedding ceremony starts at 4:00pm in the meadow, so we ask that you please get all your activities done earlier in the day in order to arrive on time. The cocktail hour and dinner reception will follow immediately afterwards as we dance the night away.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort
Google Map Directions    15870 County Road 162, Nathrop, CO

Directions from Denver via I-70

Take I-70 West to the Copper Mountain/Leadville exit (Highway 24). Take Highway 24 through Leadville and Buena Vista going South towards Salida. This is actually Highway 285. Past Johnson Village, it is 8 miles to Nathrop. Turn right when you see a sign that says “Mount Princeton and St. Elmo,” this is County Road 162. The resort is located 4.5 miles on the left side of the road.

Directions from Denver via 285

Take Highway 285 out of Denver through Fairplay. After Fairplay, you will go about 34 miles to the town of Johnson Village. Continue South on Highway 285 towards Salida. You will go 5.5 miles to Nathrop. Turn right when you see a sign that says “Mount Princeton and St. Elmo,” this is County Road 162. The resort is located 4.5 miles on the left side of the road.


Please note that the rooms at the Mount Princeton Resort are completely booked. Feel free to continue to call to see if any additional rooms open up. There are still rooms available in Buena Vista at the Best Western. Due to the lack of reservations at the Best Western, there will no longer be a shuttle service available.

The resort offers a variety of lodging types and prices including individual rooms, condos, and cabins that start at $120 a night. Please call the resort for any pricing details. We have a block for our guests under “Garner/Carney Wedding” which can be reserved by calling 888-395-7799. Included in your stay are passes for full access to all the pools. Photos of all options can be found online at

Cabins / Condos

Large Cabins
These cabins can sleep up to 10 people with two bedrooms with two queen size beds each, a loft with two queen size beds, a queen size pullout sofa, and two bathrooms. Also included are a full size fridge, stovetop, gas fireplace, and electric heat.

Small Cabins
These cabins can sleep up to 8 people with one bedroom with a king size bed, a loft with two queen size beds, a queen size pullout sofa, and one bathroom. Also included are a full size fridge, stovetop, gas fireplace, and electric heat.

These cabins can sleep up to 4 people with one bedroom with a king size bed, and a queen size pullout sofa, and one bathroom. Also included are a full size fridge, stovetop, gas fireplace, and electric heat.

* Please note ovens are not available in the cabins or condos


Cliffside Rooms
These rooms can sleep up to 4 people with a choice of either a king size bed and queen size pullout sofa, or two queen size beds. These rooms offer the best view of the area on their open patios. While they are the furthest walk to the main resort area, there is ample parking and only a 30 second drive.

Hillside Rooms
These rooms can sleep up to 4 people with either a king size or two queen size beds, and some offer a queen size pull out sofa as well. These rooms are closest to the Summer Pool (which has a water slide) and only a short walk down the hill to the main resort.

Lodge Rooms
Each of these varies on how many they can sleep, so please call for more information on what is available. They are located in the main resort lodge, where everything is easily accessible.

Closer to Town

We also have a block of rooms in the town of Buena Vista, just a short drive from the venue, at the Best Western. Please call 1-800-809-3495 to make your reservation under the Garner/Carney block. Pricing for those rooms are $143.99 a night for double queen size beds, and $153.99 a night for the king bed rooms with a pull out sofa.


Another option would be camping in the beautiful outdoors. Some of nearby locations are:

Contact Us

Need more info? Or just want to say Hi? No Problem. Use the form below to reach out! Please no wedding RSVPs

thingsTo Do

Relax and Enjoy the Great Colorado Outdoors

Summer in the mountains offers endless activities to do, and here are just some suggestions!

Outdoor Adventures

River Rafting
Rafting is a big part of the community in Chaffe County with the Arkansas River flowing through the valley. There are many companies in the area, and some will even come to the resort to pick you up for the day.

Chaffe County Shooting Range
On Highway 285 between Buena Vista and Salida is the Chaffe County Shooting Range, which caters to rifles, shotguns and pistols.
More info

St. Elmo
If you drive west on County Road 162, and continue on to Chalk Creek Drive, you will find the old ghost town of St Elmo. It was an old mining town that was abandoned in 1922.

This is also where the start of Tin Cup Pass (updated trail info ) is that connects to the town of Tin Cup and can find some great hiking and scenery. You can rent ATVs to ride around up here, or just explore the old main street.

Hiking the Rockies

Being right at the base of so many peaks, there are endless options when it comes to hiking in the area. The fourtneerers in Colorado are legendary, and Mount Princeton is right there for you to tackle. It is a Class 2 mountain, with the trail being about 13 miles with 5400’ elevation gain. The trailhead is not far from the resort or Buena Vista, and can be found by driving west from Buena Vista on the County Road (CR) 306. For more information on the trails, and photos, please visit the thorough site for Mt Princeton.

And please remember that Colorado weather can be extremely unpredictable and change without a moment’s notice. For a good list of safely guidelines, please visit Chaffe County Search and Rescue.

For some other options on shorter and more moderate hikes, Buena Vista Open Space and Trail has some great options.

Beverage Tasting

Chaffe County is home to many breweries and more. Some of our favorites are not too far from the venue and worth checking out:

Eddyline Brewery
926 S Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211

Amica’s Microbrewery
136 E 2nd St
Salida, CO 81201

Elevated Beer
Brewery Tours and tastings
115 Pahlone Parkway
Poncha Springs, CO 81242

Woods High Mountain Distillery
144 W. 1st St in Salida

Vino Salida Wine Cellars
8100 W. Highway 50
Salida, Colorado 81201

Spa / Relaxation

Mount Princeton is home to the historic hot springs and has multiple pools. The mineral water does not carry the common sulfur smell and is beneficial for your skin. The soaking pool is at a warm 105° and located next to the Historic Bath House, while the adjacent exercise pool is 90°. Take a little hike down to the creek where you will find man-made pools right in the river, or cross the bridge to the new relaxation pool and spa area, where three rock pools overlook the river.

A full spa offers massages, body treatments, facials, manicures, and more. Use this weekend getaway to relax and take it all in! Call the front desk to book your appointment or look on their site for more detailed options.

The pools are open until 9pm during the week, and until 11pm on Friday and Saturday.